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It's GIVEAWAY time!

Hey beautiful!

So we made it through the holidays - thank you 8 lb. sweet baby Jesus! As women and especially mothers, I know how amazing it is to make sure the babies are super excited about what they wake up to under the Christmas tree. I also know how it feels to pour all of your energy, love and light into others, while that same energy may not be reciprocated.

It's ok though, I tell myself, as I fill my online shopping carts with items for myself during the semi-annual sales that started Dec. 26. I legit have like 5 carts right now on my phone - but I digress.

So, ladies, I have decided it's time for me to take matters into my own hands. Yes, Faces By Maranda is playing Santa in January! Why? Because you deserve it!

I am gifting a lucky lady with a beauty box filled with some of my favorite things. Think Oprah's giveaway show for makeup related items. Well, maybe not Oprah level yet, but here I come boo! To enter, you only have to follow my IG account @maranda08_mua and tag 2 beauty lovers in the comments. You will receive an extra entry for sharing the giveaway post on your stories and tagging my IG account.

The box is valued over $100, and the drawing will take place on IG live on Thursday, Jan. 5 at 7 pm. Head over to and let the entries begin!

See you Thursday!



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