Beauty that Inspires!

The retired journalist in me had to give this blog thing a whirl, seeing as how so many people are inspired and motivated by the act of blogging and the creative freedom for which it allows. I am a beauty lover, and for that alone, I am sure you are unimpressed, but I have an innate passion for helping women feel better about themselves by embracing their authentic beauty…this is something I am sure we all can appreciate.

I learned at a young age that beauty comes in all forms, sizes, hues, etc. Always being challenged with my weight (especially since my sisters were both size 0 in high school), I had to learn early to embrace being Maranda, curves, pimples and all. I remember my first lipstick was silver, circa 1996, and I actually lined my lips with a black lip liner (OMG I feel awful confessing that!). Fast forward almost 20 years later, I have been a professional makeup artist for 8 years, and own over 200 lipsticks (none of which are silver) and I have been able to actually make a living out of loving the beauty industry.

Although the more I love it, the tougher it gets I still get inspired when a bride sends me a picture of her bridal shoot, or when one of my prom girls call me to say everyone loved their makeup! This is my passion, and through this blog, I intend on sharing that passion with you. This first post is dedicated to Ashley, who in the midst of this flood, sent me some sunshine yesterday when she shared bridal pictures with me! Here’s to her and all of you that keep me motivated and employed, and to the many more to come!

Be blessed loves!


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